Women: Victory Over Trauma

What Is Trauma?

Trauma is a very difficult or unpleasant experience. It may be something we saw that was scary or unpleasant, or something that happened to us at any time during our lives.trauma-flyer-image-2016

Examples Of Traumatic Events:
  • Sexual Abuse or Assault – rape, inappropriate touch, etc., as a child, teen, or adult; saw something happen to someone else, e.g., friend, sister, child, mother, etc.
  • Domestic Violence
  • Physical – hitting, pushing, kicking, choking, etc.
  • Sexual – rape, unwanted sexual acts, pictures, etc.
  • Emotional – ugly words, accusations, threats to kill, etc.
  • Economic – someone else with full control of the money.
  • Neglect/Abandonment – neglected or abandoned by parents as a child; spouse walks away, etc.
  • Suicide/suicide attempt of yourself, by friend, or family member.
  • Removal from the home – child removed from the home after death, illness or incarceration of parents; placement in foster care or with other relatives.
  • Impacts of serving in combat in a branch of the US military or spouse of a PTSD sufferer.
  • Natural disasters – personal or physical afflictions due to fire, tornado, flood; family member died in fire, auto accident, etc.
  • Bullying – repeatedly taunted, bullied by others.
Our Reaction To A Traumatic Event

Everyone reacts to a traumatic event differently and the reaction may be complicated. Our reactions may be affected by our own experiences, family support, coping and life skills.

Recovery from a traumatic event may take days, weeks, months or possibly years. Many work through the event with support from family, friends, pastor and/or counselor. Still others of us decide to push the matter aside – out of sight/out of mind – or so we think. Some of us try to “get over it” by ourselves. While well intended, sometimes the event stays with us and we begin to suffer reactions to the event at a later date.

Following are some examples of reactions/results of a traumatic event:

  • Fatigue, muscle tension
  • Increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure
  • Headaches
  • Rapid breathing
  • Changes in sleep patterns, eating patterns or activities
  • Withdrawal from friends and family
  • Difficulty concentrating and/or making decisions
  • Flashbacks of event, nightmares
  • Fear, panic, guilt, anger
  • Helplessness, crying
  • Depression, anxiety

If you have experienced a traumatic event and have had any of the above reactions, you are invited to attend the Women: Victory Over Trauma class hosted by Anderson County Recovery. The class is FREE!

The class is facilitated by Barbara Rosell. Barb is married to her husband Phil for more than ten years and they have a blended family of four daughters and six grandchildren. She and Phil are military veterans, members of the Nineveh Christian Church, and reside in Lawrenceburg.

What: Women: Victory Over Trauma

Where: Open Hands Food Pantry
1111 Industry RD, Lawrenceburg

When: 6:00 p.m. Thursdays

Who: Any woman 18 years or older

Come experience the healing power of Jesus as we share some good food, make friends, and fellowship!

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